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e but fulfilling▓ taste of a burger and fries. However this is no 鈥渟lap-dash patty to grill straight onto butte

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red bun style鈥?bur▓ger joint. Like a well-done (▓no pun int▓ended) burger bar menu, you c▓an build your o▓wn, choosing between beef, chicken, veggie a▓nd even hot dog▓. Add

in something exotic -- li▓ke point eyes blu▓e cheese, jalapenos ▓and lemon dil▓l sauce -- a▓nd you鈥檝e j▓ust created a tas▓te sensation! But▓ for the indecisive ones, there鈥檚 also the set menu. Simply▓ named Numb▓er One, Two, o▓r Three bu▓rger, the sets also come with a ch▓oice of French fries, onion rings, or ▓half-half.S▓tarting bac▓kwards, the N▓umber Three burger consists of a chunky grille


ruffles sandwiched betwe

d c▓hicken patty, green chili, manchego che▓ese, chipotle sauce and added Parma ham. The chicken was slightly▓ dry and the ▓Parma ham was▓ tough, but ten▓der, with an ▓aged salt sensation▓ dem

onstrating that o▓nly quality ing▓redients are use▓d. Number Two and One both feature ▓beef but it鈥檚 more than just ▓your 鈥渢wo all▓ beef patties.鈥?T▓hese babies▓ are hand made using sirloin

mince,▓ bacon and pork f▓at (and not too much of it either)▓. The beef ▓patty is grilled to a perfect medium as evidenced by the reddish-pi▓nk centre and brown outer, coupled with caramelize

en a brioche

truffle bun and

d ▓onion, arugul▓a (rocket), bacon, ▓gorgonzola cheese and thousand island sa▓uce (for Number One)▓; or sundried tomato, parma ham, buffalo ▓mozzarella chees▓e and pesto (fo

wa▓shed do

r Number Two). Yep▓ these definitely aren鈥檛 your regular burg▓ers.Vegetarians need▓n?/p>

wn with a bo

€檛 fret tho▓ugh. Their ve▓ggie patty is a c▓olourful and hearty potato and sun ▓dried t

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omat▓o combination that is slightly grilled ▓and holds we▓ll together. Of c▓ourse burg

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ers ▓wouldn鈥檛 be complete▓ without fri▓es and onion rings▓. Dip them with the speciall

eau P茅trus

y-created sauces like the Kong Pao (usin▓g pinyin 鈥淕ong Bao鈥?or westernized▓ 鈥淜un

1990. Then a

g Pao鈥?) S▓picy Sauce or the Hainan Black Pepper Sa▓uce (I鈥檇 highly recommend the▓

gain, you might

latter) and wash▓ it down with another house specialty, the Guinness Milkshake. Now th

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at alone is worth US$5000!25 DegreesL▓ocation: 7 Gongtixilu , Chao Yang Dis▓trictTel:

e at 25 Degrees, a funky▓ burger and wi

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